About Us

Development Future Haiti aims to free Haiti from environmental and economic problems, laying the foundation for sustainable development.



At Development Future Haiti, we aim to have a strong impact on the standard of living of the Haitian people and on the development of the entire state. We hope to achieve a healthy and financial freedom for the impoverished citizens of the country.


Development Future Haiti’s goal is to rid Haiti of environmental and economic problems, laying the foundation for sustainable development. We seek to work with schools, host educational programs in these educational institutions, and train farmers in effective land management.

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Our Team

Monette Günther

Board Member

Manal Engranyr

Board Member


Annette Schmidt

Board Member


We are a colorful mixture of different nationalities and fight together every day to bring Haiti out of this difficult fate. What makes us special is our empathy, as the majority of our members were affected by this fate themselves.

If you also feel emotionally connected to Haiti and/or want to help people on the ground, please feel free to use our contact form. We are always happy to welcome new helpers!

Important fields


Food supply

Food is a basic human need and should also be available to every Haitian in sufficient quantities. We want to fight the food shortage and the resulting famine. Therefore, we support the farmers in agriculture with educational programs and suitable agricultural material.



Many of us were once children in Haiti ourselves and know what it is like to have no access to education. We want to get the children off the streets and give them a future with education and freedom.


Environmental protection

As an island nation, Haiti is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, which are occurring with increasing frequency due to climate change. We want to reduce the ecological impact on the environment and be better prepared for permanent natural disasters, such as earthquakes or floods. Therefore, we integrate environmental education in schools at an early stage, among other things.

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